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Further Bytes late October, 2000

Reports from Panchgani

Chaitanya Bharati has led Osho mediations for some 20 years and when Osho was alive with Osho's personal blessing. He had a mediation camp at this Hill station some few hours from Poona by taxi, on the way to Marbaleshwar this month... October, 2000.

He invited as many sannyasins with a reputation for enlightenment as he seemed to know, but none showed up. Many however sent messages, Swami Samarpan sent one from Germany that read "Osho is alive in you and me and all who have heard his simple message. We are all part of this atomic explosion of enlightenment which cannot be stopped by the fools in the Inner Circle"

Maitreya and others also responded but basically told Chaitanya Bharti not to get too tied up in the politics of being for or against the Inner Circle. The fact that none made a personal appearance might be taken to mean that people like Kiran, who live quite close, and others maintained some scepticism as to what was afoot.

Many respect Chaitanya Bharti as does this web-site, but feel there are some problems with his approach.

Firstly it seems a little strange for Bharti to present himself in more or less the same way as Osho. Osho was unique and sannyasins, enlightened or otherwise, have to find their own uniqueness. To carbon copy Osho's method and style of presentation, down to the Namaste, lecture, and daily routine seems to us a mistake.

Some criticism of Bharti has been levelled at him by devotees who follow the line of the Inner Circle. We also feel this criticism is mistaken. Bharti is right to find his creativity in developing the mediations and making them alive within his setting and his own guidance. To create mediations within the Osho tradition based upon the shoulders of a giant such as Osho seems of great value, and a famous group leader such as Veeresh manages this quite freely without the apparent opprobrium of the Inner Circle, in fact he seems quite popular with them at the moment!

To us it speaks to the maturity of the so-called "enlightened" sannyasins that none were prepared to become involved in an ostensibly political type of thing. To some extent it must mean they are all creating their own brand and flavour into which even more people will be drawn. If in some way 'they are Osho", dissolved in his people, the fact that his words lay crippled under the yoke of possessive copyright is surely circumvented by their growing presence in every nook and cranny of the world.


"My People"

Anant Ki Pukar, a new Hindi book by Osho has just been published. The first discourse in this book is of great value in assessing the present problems of the commune.

Osho says, (translation thanks to Keerti)

"This is not a propaganda. This is not to create an organization. We don't want to create a centre that could become powerful. But we have to spread the message in such a way that it is without the help of a cult or an organization, without creating any powerful centre. Hence a deep contemplation is needed."

"We want to create a group of friends, we don't want to make an organization. In a group everybody is equal, equally valuable. Nobody is an officer, nobody is respectable, nobody is low and nobody is

high. And each person has come because of love. Except love, there are no orders that have to be obeyed.

"Certainly, the group of friends has different rules and organization has different rules. The group of friends is totally chaotic, anarchic institution. An organization is well-planned structure, bound by rules and dogmas. I don't wish to bind you in rules and dogmas, because I am fighting against them. Such organizations already exist all over the world. Shall we make one more such organization?"

Osho was clear that he would be dissolved in his people, and that was the main way he would be kept alive. It has become clear to this web-site that phrases such as "my people", "my sannyasins", "my commune" are being edited out of the books. This is just nonsense. What on earth do these guys think they are playing at?! One can hardly believe that people who had such close contact with Osho's physical presence could be so blind as to not see they are unconsciously attempting to subvert the very underground way that Osho was sure that his work would continue.