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Posted by Satya Deva ( on 18:52:59 07/03/11

In Reply to: Re: Laxmi posted by Time watcher

On the contrary, from these videos Laxmi is crystal clear that she's living in awareness of consciousness as separate from personality, body and therefore the 'ego' that arises from these.

As for sex, why this obsession?! Well, I know why, of course...

But despite sannyasin programming, it's not necessarily 'vital' to everyone's 'awakening' at all.

For example, has anyone ever heard of Osho 'indulging himself' before 'enlightenment'? You'd have thought there'd at least be a rumour or two if he had, surely?

And how about this lot:
Amma, Meera, Meher Baba...Not forgetting dear old Eckhart Tolle?!

Christ Almighty (yes, him too - note the small 'h')...

Don't you imagine Laxmi had already had plenty of sex in whatever so-called 'past lives' he/she/it had experienced?

Loveless, committment-less sex...nice work if you can get it - perhaps/ultimately,perhaps not - but a pre-requisite for 'spiritual awakening'? Another sannyasin myth.

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