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Trademark No Contest, but Copyright??

So the American judiciary some weeks ago, in its wisdom, felt that the use of the name "Osho" could not devolve solely upon Osho International Foundation, who wanted ownership of the name. (Details elsewhere on the site). Will this unholy tug of war now cease? One doubts it. No doubt more money will go to lawyers in bringing the matter to whatever appeal is possible. And where does that money come from originally, one might ask? And it only lays the way for the real biggie! and perhaps more important one, of copyright of Osho's words. Even this seems a little bit of a dated problem.

With the advent of the internet it is clear that Osho's words can now reach virtually every nook and cranny of the known world anyway, and this will inevitably happen. But sticking to the book age, (if the age continues for long,) then someone needs to make some money ands cover costs in order for more books to be produced.

It's worth everyone knowing that there are scores of Osho books in Hindi, that have yet to be translated, or if they have, not been published in English. I'm sure many sannyasins in principle want to see and read them.

It's difficult to know who should do that, but basically one feels anyone who has energy to do it. It's a wonderful service and not always fully appreciated. Now Keerti in Delhi is saying things like he wants to re-publish "Dimensions beyond the Known" an early Osho book, from his own organisation, as we understand it. He obviously feels this genuinely, and is not out to profit from such an act, but sees it as an important book at this moment. That will certainly go to law in India and perhaps quite quickly. Something to follow for those interested! Frankly when I read Rumi, Krishna, or Kabir, or nearer home John de Ruiter, Nadeen or Maitreya, I never think about who has published them. Perhaps next time I should take a look!


Philosoia of Existence: the World of Osho

This was the title of Osho's last intended book, but as far as I know, no-one, outside of a few, have ever read it and it has certainly never been published. What's the big mystery?? one wonders! The book is mentioned on page 263 of Ma Prem Shunyo's book " My Diamond Days with Osho" (Full Circle edition). After Osho was unable to lecture during the last year of his life he spoke to Anando and sometimes Neelam during his meals and these talks were recorded and intended by him to find publication. Perhpas now Neelam has "left" the inner coterie she can also now spread light on Osho's last words. There's a lot of people out here who would like to tune into Osho and his words in the last year of his life. Please, just someone, shed light on this! If it was inadvertently lost or whatever, let's here about it.


Maiteya and Nadeen? Both Wrong about the Dance?

Maitreya recently emailed Nadeen about his recent book, From Seekers to Finders. He felt the book basically betrayed Nadeen's lack of "total enlightenment", though felt the book worthy of critical appreciation. The book does represent a radical and basically radical departure in saying everyone can get it, everyone can do it (that is give satsang!). This seems a bit too simular to the old EST training to this Editor (and I've done most of a week end in one of Nadeen's trainings, if you were to ask!). Quite a suggestible state is engendered by Nadeen and from this suddenly people seem to trip over themselves with their own tales of enlightenment! of which I was and remain exceedingly sceptical.

On the other hand Nadeen's contribution is vital in acting as a counterweight to the disempowering atmosphere still around many teachers. The gulf is not so big, seperating all those in the human condition, and this is easily forgotten around many teachers. Maitreya is not one of these (and I again speak from experience!) and encourages friendship between disciple and teacher. I do however feel he misses the point of Osho's last Bombay discourses, in a series called "Beyond Enlightenment". My feeling here is that Osho was trying to burn out all all talk of enlightenment whatsoever and thereby dissolve such disputes as to who is fully enlightened or not! There are links to both their sites on our links page.


Indian Parliament Interest in Osho Patent Issue

In a "Special Mention", issued to the Indian Parliament in August, Shri Mishra has requested the Government of India to intervene in the legal dispute surrounding Osho's copyright and trademark. By so doing he has alerted the Indian Parliament to what he sees as the sophistry involved in the attempted patenting by Osho Foundation International of trademarks in the United States. Who owns what?? Sitting back here in the English backwater, one wonders whether the feeling that Osho is owned by India could be as dangerous as being owned by anyone else. Osho is nationless, wild and free.


Samdarshi Disappears

Samdarshi has gone into retreat after visiting Poona at the unusual time of May this year. We're not sure whether he was allowed into Osho's Samadhi. He wasn't in February. He likes to go there, seems a shame he cannot. Sabah his main organiser (Sabah@gmx.net) says he is "spending time by himself and is not available until further notice". However she mentions that they still plan for a programme next year and hopefully it will be on their web-site, www.samdarshi.com. Samdarshi himself can be contacted at samdarshi@india.com but noone is sure he is reading hsi emails at the moment!