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Osho in Iran?

{On the day I read this summary from [Delhi] Keerti of his trip to Iran (March 8th), I also listened to a BBC World Service's report from there saying that International Women's Day had been hit very hard by the theocratic authorities that day. Demonstrations were banned, and all sorts of no good went on against those who defied the ban. So yes, Keerti is a brave man to go and spread the word there, and privately things go on, but I would say his report may be a little optimistic should Osho reach the public domain. Parmartha (Editor: Sannyasnews.com)}

Yes, it is possible to make Osho available to the intelligentsia in Iran! The ground is ready. There are already 42 Osho books in the Persian language being sold in the shops - and more are being translated.

Osho has a much bigger appeal here than other modern spiritual teachers from outside Iran. Osho is being discussed because Osho's literature ignites the intelligence of people. Of course, there's some influence of gurus like Satya Sai Baba and other Indian yogis. It is mainly because most of the people want to see miracles and think of yoga as a means to attain some spiritual powers for solving their problems. There are some gurus who promise all these things. Osho performed no miracles and did not promise any spiritual powers. He raised the consciousness of people to go beyond these things. Osho respects the individuality of each person and gave dignity to each individual, nudging him to find his own way himself, reminding us of what Buddha said: 'Be a light unto yourself'.

This is what makes Osho stand out. Osho explains very beautifully what Sufi, Tao, Zen and other mystics of all the traditions have offered down the centuries, and makes this whole spiritual treasure available to modern man. Yes, Iran has somewhere a modern and liberated people who are continuously exploring and are ready to experiment.

In a house of an Iranian friend Arash, about 25 people came yesterday to learn and experience Osho meditations. The space was limited, so many others who could have come were not invited. They are ready to come any time. Many others came at different times to inquire. Now some friends are trying to look for a bigger space. Arash and his friends have started searching a place that they can consider as an Osho centre. And he feels that now the time is ripe and a centre will definitely come into existence. In this trip we managed our meditations at different places. For the next trip they will organize a bigger space so that more people can be accommodated. And a Osho Information Centre can start right away.

Some other Osho lovers from other cities of Iran, distance of 500 to 1000 miles from Tehran, are inviting me to visit them and conduct meditations. And we are planning to go there too, Inshallah, as they say here!

Swami Chaitanya Keerti