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Bytes from the Editor 

News and Gossip from Swami Anand Parmartha

The Full Osho Canon still Unavailable in English
Some site visitors have asked whether we know about the translations of Osho’s Hindi discourses and how this is progressing. It is said that there are still at least 50 books worth of Hindi lectures that remain untranslated, or unpublished. So we found out. They seem to be solely handled by the Pune people, not the New York people, under the Rebel Publishing House umbrella. Four books have been recently published (in the last two years), they are
Songs of Ecstasy ( on Shankara )
Last Morning Star ( On the Mystic Daya )
Way Beyond Anyway ( on the Sarvasar Upanishad )
Flight of the Alone to the Alone ( on the Kaivalya Upanishad )

I guess they can be ordered through Osho Purnima or Viha Connection if they do not have copies at the moment. As I understand it there is supposed to be a rolling programme of publication of all the possible titles, though at this rate it will take at least another ten years for English readers to have access to the whole Osho canon.

And while we are talking books, just published a new “study” of Osho by Judith Fox (from Signature Books) is now available in the Contemporary Religion series. It is simply entitled “Osho Rajneesh”. People say it’s a sympathethic account, but one does wonder about academics and Osho. Despite their apparent interest, surely they will inevitably miss the mystery of the “man”. If you want it and cant get it, Watkins Bookshop (in London) either will have it, or will order it.

Paul McCartney and English Chinmaya
UK readers in particular will be pleased to hear of the recent success of English Chinmaya (Dunster) who used to live here in London. Paul had listened to a little known CD called "Celtic Ragas" by Chinmaya, by chance, and found himself subtly overwhelmed. He sought out New Earth Records (who put out Chinmaya’s music) and through them invited Chinmaya and his band to play at his wedding in Ireland over the summer. According to report all went well.
Chinmaya and others got together their eight piece band and readied themselves for the call to the secrecy clothed wedding. The Celtic Ragas band played at the reception and were able to showcase the whole album. Chinmaya got introduced to some producers by Paul, and the band gave Paul a copy of Osho’s book, “India, my love” as a wedding present. A sort of beautiful sannyas synchronicity in all this, who knows what might come of it. Chinmaya’s Celtic Ragas available through newearthrecords.com.

Time Out
A friend tells us a persecutory tale. Attempting to advertise groups by sannyasin therapists in the UK he tried to place an advertisement in London’s leading weekly listings magazine, “Time Out”. After being initially accepted the advertising was turned down simply by saying they did not accept any advertising to do with Osho. What do readers think, isn’t this some kind of religious discrimination? On the other hand, it’s good to see that the “establishment” still feels threatened... always the sign of the authentic mystic.

The Philosphia of Existence - Osho’s Last Book
I asked on our Chat Board about this now mysteriously unpublished
(last) book of Osho. It was fully mentioned in Shunyo’s book “Diamond Days with Osho” as a text that Osho has dictated to Anando his then Secretary in the last year of his life. I got this reply through Jayen from Pratap (I think they are Inner Circle people or associates of them)

“This book that Parmartha talks about has nothing to do with the Inner Circle. It was given to Anando by Osho to write. And she was given a basic skeleton to work with. 99% content of this book is to come from already published material. And I understand publishers have already been approached about this book. This is a personal matter between Anando and Osho and no one else's business. Just as whether Parmartha goes to the evening meeting of the Osho White Robe Brotherhood each day at 7pm, as Osho asked of all his people around the world, is not anyone else's business.”

Well there you go, a rather over assertive answer to a straight question I thought, but let the reader decide!