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A Letter from "Connection" magazine, Germany.

Dear Friends at Sannyasnews,

Just receiving mail-news from Maitreya. I looked a bit in the connected links and found your page. I would like to suggest a link to the German website www.connection-medien.de
Nearly 12 years ago Sugata started this magazine in Munich, called Orange Connection. In the beginning it was critically looked at from the official-line in Pune, and many messages and orders came from Pune, however "Connection" always went her own way.

In the 80’s Connection grew out of the sannyas scene and became a leading magazine for all mystical and spiritual oriented people in the German speaking world. In 1996 we started with the Connection web-site and published parts of the now bi-monthly on the internet.

A few books have been printed too, like about Auroville, Zen-meditation and Erleuchtungsfalle by Joshua Horn.

Our struggle with the offical line in Pune became even more difficult, when someone did an advertisment in the magazine, using a well-known Osho-quote.. We just managed to avoid a big courtcase on copyright. You will find details of the struggle in the early months of Connection 1999 editions.

Right now we find ourselves publishing (critical) articles on different spiritual and mystical teachers and movements,– and giving people the possibility to inform themselves about self-realisation, advaita, tantra, human growth and different healing methods. Our interest is to spread information on different cultural and mystical traditions without taking stands on one or the other. We feel that mysticism does always have a rebellious part in it. So, we would like to keep in touch and exchange information if you like.

with love and grace