Something is happening here in Nepal! I am visiting Osho Tapoban, attracted initially by the pictures on their website. Now I am here I find it even more beautiful than the pictures.

I arrived on the second day of a 7 day meditation camp. I have not done a meditation camp since Poona 1, so I am a little apprehensive that I might find that its not my cup of tea. Well, the tea tastes great! Its not so much the meditations themselves but the quality, the vibe of what's here - its what I can only describe as pure OSHO.

Firstly I am surprised by the number of people participating, its well over a hundred. About 85 percent must be from Nepal, the rest is made up of Indians, a handful of Europeans and one Brazilian. 

As the camp rolls on I am more and more taken with the joy and exuberance of everybody here. There is also a lot of weeping and wailing. The camp is doing its work!

Most of the Camp was in Hindi and Nepalese but there was enough English thrown in for me to be in touch with it all.

On the last night twenty-nine people take Sannyas. It is a wild crazy phenomenon. People running around with digital cameras and camcorders recording everything, no special privilege to the official photographer. The mediums or catchers interchange, picked in the  moment as the night goes on. Arun, the center leader, tirelessly pours his energy into the initiations. It's like energy darshan. I find I'm being beckoned to assist. A young Dutch woman is taking Sannyas, two mediums are by her side, I support her back. Arun's thumb moves from her third eye to mine, my chest expands, my throat opens and I find I am precipitatiously leaning backwards, from somewhere, someone moves in to support my back. It's a wild night. The singing, dancing and the flashing of cameras continue. Eventually, everybody has taken Sannyas and we listen to some Osho. Finally I leave the hall. As I do so I'm offered Prasad, I'm very touched.

So what is happening here, there are 52 centers in Nepal, most of them running two meditations a day. There are now more than 15,000 Sannyasins. The answer has to be something to do with Swami Anand Arun (Acharya) who started this center on instruction from OSHO.

Tomorrow I will interview Swami Arun and find out how all this has come about. Sannyasnews will publish this interview soon.


Sw Anand Dharmen