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"Delicate Frequencies: The Life of a Sannyasin"

A review of Satish's book by Swami Alok John

Born in 1973, Satish had the good fortune or good karma to be one of the K.i.d.s In Divine Spirit, that is to say a second generation Sannyasin. This joyous book is the story of his childhood and youth: wild, riotous, loving and free. The book starts with some of his earliest memories, waking up to the sound of dynamic meditation in a German commune, Purvodhaya. It is full of details of daily life in the commune, groups etc.

Soon eight-year-old Satish was in Rajneeshpuram, one of the first residents, where he was deluged with Osho's bliss and awarenss for four whole years. He tells of his endless hours of play and work there, the drive-bys, his first experiments with girls. He tells the story of Sheela's descent into craziness, and exploring secret passages in Jesus Grove after Sheela quit. But most important of all he tells us what he thought and what he felt at the time. He was a real rebel. Sheela would call a meeting to announce her latest crazy plan, and Satish, a nine year old, was about the only person to disagree with her publicly! Talk about intelligence!

After the demise of Rajneeshpuram Satish worked in European discos before gravitating towards the trance scene in Pune and Goa of the early 90s. He tells of a long overland journey to India in the early 90s, getting stuck in Tadjikistan and Uzbeckistan, and the endless kind people who looked after him. He describes the joy of hallucinogens and dope, all those chillums he consumed!

But most of all he tells of a youth lived with love, courage and awareness (well, most of the time anyway!) His many loves and many friends, the abundant gifts from existence.

Here is a quote about his life as a young child in the commune that gives the flavour of the book :

"Many times during breakfast we'd hear moaning and heavy breathing from the upper loft. Wonder what that sound is? - we wanted to know. (The kids that is). Nobody could explain it to us, they tried, but it didn't make sense. After going up there to see, we found it was mostly one man, Satyam, along with whichever woman he had managed to seduce on the particular evening before. He was famous in the commune for humping with many different women, one of whom, a red haired lady I have in vivid memory, who he laid more frequently..

Many mornings proper research was then duly conducted. "Yes, it's Satyam" again became our first observation. Our research was not left without substantial enquiry, a close look into the matter of things, plus an examination of the different postures. We were allowed to do this and Satyam often happily explained how things worked, while he was inside his blissfully content partner. Often the latter had not much to say. "They definitely look like they are having fun" was our jointly established equation. Are you grinning now?

My only quibble is that the subediting/proofreading is just appalling. Perhaps the book was dictated, or translated from German, but there are sentences in it that make no sense at all (even taking poetic licence into account.) Satish, if there is a second edition, please get someone (not me!) to correct these errors.

This book is just great. Read it and you will see that truly Osho "Never Died".

Delicate Frequencies: The life of a Sannyasin by A. Satish -T.W. Edelberg, published in 2002 by the Writers Club Press, an imprint of Universe, Inc.