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When Osho Came to Nepal

(Osho was welcomed by the country of Nepal after being refused entry to many countries in attempting a world tour in 1985 including the UK. He stayed there 44 days and gave 73 lectures. They are contained in the volume LIGHT ON THE PATH: talks in the Himalayas: Ed.)

On the day of his arrival at Kathmandu airport, thousands of us, all disciples of Osho decorated the airport path with flowers, lighted lamps, incense and multi coloured festival powder. On either side of the path, we had put hundreds of water-filled pots. Thousands of us were waiting for Him with flowers and banners in our hands and singing songs.

Just as the Himalayan ranges brightens it's colours from lustrous silver into luminous gold at sunrise, so did the arrival of His plane coming towards the valley, which illuminated our hearts, the hearts of thousands of sanyasins and seekers in Nepal, with joy and enthusiasm.

His plane, encircled the forest clad mountains that surrounded the valley and landed at the airport. Dressed elegantly in a sky-blue robe, Osho stepped out of the plane gracefully with a loving smile.

As He came out of the airport exit, all of us ran towards Him. We were jumping with ecstasy calling His name Bhagwan! Bhagwan! (his name before he adopted the name Osho) from the depths of our hearts.
This scene of thousands of us, all disciples meeting our beloved Master, looked so majestic, so wonderful, so poetic was beyond the expression of words. He was full of love and compassion. It was hilarious to watch how the police had to run forward to make way for His car, awaiting to take Him to the place of His stay.

Along with the musical band which is usually played here, according to the traditional culture of the spiritual pilgrimage of the divine chariot..
he reached the Hotel Soaltee Crowne Plaza, the three hundred-roomed hotel, where more of his disciples were waiting for Him. We welcomed Him with great joy. We bowed down to His feet with tears of gratitude, for accepting our invitation, for visiting us in Nepal, and thereby fulfilling years of longing and our prayers. It was almost impossible for Him to get to His room on the fourth floor of the Hotel, as he left the joyously crying disciples behind.

A few minutes after His arrival, Osho gave a press conference in His sitting-room. He gave His second press conference on the same day in the evening and gave a third press conference to seventy-five journalists with His disciples at His feet, amidst hundreds of influencial Nepalese people.

In this land of the Himalayas, Osho gave a total of 73 lectures. Among His listeners were loads of government officers, bankers, businessmen, intellectual, the followers of other enlightened masters, and people from all walks of life

Talking usually twice a day His custom was just a few minutes before His lecture, to have all questions taken to Him . In a very limited time he would go through them and answer just a few of them, but through those he did answer He answered all.

Daily, in the mornings and evenings hundreds of disciples and visitors lined up from outside His room to the garden of the hotel, waiting to have His Darshan. He would come out of His small room to the vast open space outside, returning our joyous greetings all along the way.

In the wonderful garden of the hotel, He looked like a "Mystic Rose ", amidst multi-coloured flowers and various trees. We were fulfilled and nourished with the fragrance of love and bliss emanating from his presence. The rhythmic, conscious movement of his feet in harmony with the unknown melodies of the silence of the Himalayan mountains still linger in memory.

In the Hotel , people were rushing around here and there in the offices, in the shops, in the restaurants.... Disciples were continuously answering phone calls from sanyasins all over the world, who were inquiring about Him and trying to link sanyasins from different countries to their phone calls

There were those hurriedly going to the market for Him, as well as their own personal purchasing. Others were searching for a house for Him. Meanwhile Osho prepared for His lectures looked so centered, as in ultimate relaxation and rest, like a center of the cyclone amidst his busy disciples

Osho filled our days with love, laughter and joy while He was here in Nepal. He left Kathmandu on 15th February 1986, leaving behind His chair for the Asheesh Meditation Center. Since then, His spiritual work has aflamed mysteriously to this day in Nepal...

Taken from Ma Prem Yogini's book, the Book of Yogini.