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"From the spiritual perspective, evolution is the movement from a self-centred relationship to life to one that is based upon the direct apprehension of the inherently undivided nature of life itself. It is that knowledge alone, directly perceived and recognized, that will have the power to completely transform our relationship to what it actually means to be a citizen of Spaceship Earth. Our evolutionary potential is extraordinary, and yet now everything hangs in the balance. It's up to each and every one of us- not for our own sake, but for the sake of life itself."


- Andrew Cohen What Is Enlightenment? Summer 2001

Direct Action for Peace in London


SOAS Stop the War- Open discussion Forum. Weekly, every Tuesday 6-7pm, from 18:00 to 19:00, in Central London. SOAS, Thornhaugh Street, WC1. Organised by Soas students and staff, all welcome. There is normally a short introduction and plenty of time for discussion in a friendly atmosphere.Organised by Soas Stop the War

Thursday 24th April TARIQ ALI talks about his new book 'The Clash of Fundamentalisms' now out in paperback. 6.30pm. Bookmarks Bookshop, 1 Bloomsbury Street, WC1. Nearest tube Tottenham Court Road. Free. Details: 020 7637 1848

Thursday 1 May MAY DAY Assemble 12 Noon Clerkenwell Green, EC1, and march to Trafalgar Square. Organised by London May Day Organising Committee, TUC, Glatuc and Globalise Resistance. Details: 020 7053 2153/4/5/6 or www.stopwar.org.uk

Saturday 17 May FREE PALESTINE NATIONAL RALLY 1.30pm Trafalgar Square, London. Speakers, stalls, activities. Speakers include John Pilger, Tony Benn, Jeremy Corbyn, etc.

Direct Action throughout the Country

The best single website for announcing further direct action is STOP THE WAR COALITION (StW) at http://www.stopwar.org.uk Postal address: PO Box 3739, London, E5 8EJ. Tel: 07951 235 915. Email: office@stopwar.org.uk


Newspaper article summaries. Those who'd like more information on the current world crisis but dislike wading through the papers are referred to the JUST PEACE WEEKLY NEWS BRIEF. This is a free email digest of article summaries and links sent out weekly. Details: From: <justpeace_uk@yahoo.co.uk>