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You Are Lovable Just The Way You Are!

Veeresh: I have worked with many therapists and I have tried to put all their theories together, and what it comes down to is this, and this is the simplest theory I can give you:

Always Insist That You Are Good!

You might act stupid; you might think stupid; you might feel stupid; but don't let yourself be put down. You are a human being and that makes you great and lovable, whether anybody likes it or not. The moment you start to believe that you are bad, you compromise, and you might as well kill yourself.

You act stupid - so what? You think stupid; you feel stupid; you are not enlightened the way everybody else would like you to be enlightened - so what? Don't let anybody put you down.

You Are Lovable Just the Way You Are

If you ever feel that somebody is attacking that, be willing to stand up and fight for your life for that. Don't ever let anybody tell you that you are bad.

As a human being, how can you be bad? You are beautiful and you are lovable. Never let anybody take that away from you.

Every time you get confused, remember, "Who am I? Oh, Veeresh says I am lovable." Always buy that. When you are lost, you are lovable. You have to believe that, or else you will be on a negativity trip for the rest of your life. You will be trying to be better, do things better, improve yourself, and add to other people's realities.

It has to start from within.

"I am a Good Person and I am Lovable"

That is the bottom line and that is what you have to learn. Your parents may not like you. Your relationship may not like you. Your local friends may not like you because you are not good enough. You don't dress the right way. You have got the wrong moustache. You have the wrong hair. Everything is all wrong. Don't forget:

You are Lovable

If you lose that, it is all over!

If this sounds like your bag details of Veeresh's activities in the UK this week are at OshoLeela's site