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Who is Tyohar?

Tyohar is the founder and spiritual guide of the Pacha Mama commune in Costa Rica. In 1993, after several years of travelling he found himself in Pune where he took sannyas and was given the the name of Prem Tyohar, which in Sanskrit means the Celebration of Love.
In May 1995 he claims that self-realisation happened. Since that time he is sharing, he says, his master with thousands of seekers world wide. In January 2000 he founded and created the Spiritual and Ecological community called Pacha Mama in Costa Rica. He apparently believes in the occassional use of psychedelics in the right context.

A Brief Talk from Tyohar on 'Expectations'

There is something I want to ask you. Please look at that question in the deepest way you can — and I am not waiting for an answer.The question is; right now, in this moment, right here in this conga, is there any subtle expectations that you are carrying? For something to happen, to fulfill you? Are you waiting for something to happen? Something that will keep you focused, interested in something. Look inside, and simply recognize those expectations. Those expectations are putting a wall between you and this present moment. Recognize them, so you can rest into that which is, and not anticipating for that which is not yet.

When you become aware of those hidden expectations, not only here in the Satsang, but every moment in your life, this awareness opens the door for you to be fully present.

I am sitting here silently even when I am speaking, like a mirror for you. If you become totally silent with me, then you know: I am not here as somebody, and you are not here as somebody. If you are not silent than look in the mirror and see what is it that disturbs you to be fully present, to Be this present moment. All your life you carried expectations, hopes and conditions. It can be of help that you carried it all your life because maybe now it is ripe and it can be dropped. Maybe this attitude of expectations and conditions can be transcended now, maybe…Maybe you still need to chase. You have the answer.

Please do not impose an answer according to what you would like, according to a hidden spiritual ego. Simply look inside and see if the call to surrender totally to this moment, to let go off any effort to become somebody, to reach somewhere. See if this Call For Awakening triggers a shift in you. That stop is the flowering of your journey, the stop of chasing after life. I am asking you this question without waiting for answer. My question is a symbol of transformation that is knocking on your door. Just take a mature look inwards to see if the door wishes to be open for it. Wide open, so this present moment can enter your house, and make you disappear. When it will happen you will not be here, you will not sit here; rather, sitting here will happen. There will be nobody to sit here. There will be nobody to walk, or to have a cup of tea. Walking will happen, drinking cup of tea will happen. There is a great difference. When you are caught in the illusion of Self, you are walking, you are eating, you are searching, you want to find love and bliss. Remember; liberation is not of the Self, it is from the Self. When you are not there to be free or to be in the prison, then freedom is; and when you are not here to sit, then sitting is happening. Then you see that I am also not here. That is the meeting, the Satsang. When you are so dissolved that you are not there anymore as a self, as an “I am”, drinking tea is happening, walking is happening, listening is happening, taking shower is happening, Freedom is happening, and there is nobody to say; “I am free”. Because that very thought “I am”, the identification with this illusion, is a prison. Only THAT is. Only THAT is, and it's expressing itself, manifesting itself in so many different ways. Like the ocean that eternally creates waves. If the wave will start to think “I am” and will look at itself as a separate entity from other waves, that wave denies its true nature. The wave is the ocean. Out of it is born, into it dissolves. Perhaps along the way, like us, it develops an illusions of self.

A moment comes when the true self reveals itself. That moment comes when you are willing to be unconditionally present in the imperfection of this moment. A simple change of attitude; instead of chasing after perfection, you allow a total and profound surrendering to the imperfection of the moment. Enough for now, Om shanti.

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