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Sardarji, the Laughing Buddha Sardarji Dies

On January 8 at 8.45pm, one of Osho's most loved disciple, Swami Sardar Gurdayal Singh, left his body, in a small village, Rumi, Punjab, where Osho lovers will be gathering day after tomorrow to give him a celebrative send off. Osho made Sardar Gurdayal Singh's name synonimous with jokes and laughter, and the end of of his discourses he would often declare: Now Swami Sardar Gurdayal Singh Time.
He mentions his name in the following discourses:
CALL ME ONLY WHEN IT IS ABSOLUTELY NEEDED, when you find that now nothing can be done. First try to do all that you can do. And out of a hundred cases, ninety-nine you will not need to call me. And if you have not called me for ninety-nine cases, you have earned for the hundredth case -- you can expect me in every possible way. But don't make it an everyday thing.

Let me tell you one anecdote -- and it is a true anecdote. It has already happened. And I say it is true because it comes to me from a very reliable source: Kamal has sent this story to me.
One day, Swami Arup Krishna, alias Chainani, and Sadar Gurdayal Singh were coming towards the ashram. It had rained for two, three days, and the roads were muddy and dirty water had collected everywhere, and the gutters were overflowing. And on a banana peel, Gurdayal slipped. Not only that: a small coin fell from his pocket and was lost into the gutter.

He immediately cried, "Satya Sai Baba, Satya Sai Baba -- help me!"
Of course, Arup Krishna was very surprised. He said, "Gurdayal, have you gone crazy? You are Osho's disciple!"
Gurdayal said, "What do you mean? Should I call Osho in this dirty water in the gutter?!"
So remember it: whenever you need really, and it is not dirty water and a gutter, and not only a small coin is lost -- then follow Gurdayal.
Osho: The Discipline of Transcendence, Vol 3, Chapter #2
Talking about how to deal with emotions such as Anger and Sadness, Osho mentions Sardarji in the explanation:
I also teach you how not to be angry, but I don't say to you not to be angry. I say: be angry. No need to be angry on someone, with someone; that complicates. Just be angry in a vacuum. Go to the river where there is nobody and simply be angry, and do whatsoever you feel like doing. After a great catharsis of anger you will fall down on the sand, and you will see that you are flying. The past has, for a moment, disappeared.

And this same has to be done to every emotion. You will feel, by and by, that if you try to be angry, you will pass through a sequence of emotions. First you will get angry, then suddenly you will start crying, out of nowhere. Anger relaxed, released -- another layer of your being is touched, another load of sadness. Behind each anger there is sadness, because whenever you withhold your anger you become sad. So after each layer of anger, there is a layer of sadness. When anger is released, you will feel sad. Release that sadness -- you will start crying, sobbing. Sob, cry, let tears flow. Nothing is wrong in them. Tears are one of the most beautiful things in the world: so relaxing, so relieving. And when the tears have gone, suddenly you will see another emotion: a smile is spreading somewhere deep within you, because whenever sadness is released, one starts feeling happy, a very smooth, delicate happiness, fragile. It will come up, it will bubble and it will spread all over your being. And then you will see that you are laughing for the first time -- a belly laugh, like Swami Sardar Gurdayal Singh a belly laugh. Learn from him. He is our Zorba the Greek in this ashram. Learn from him how to laugh.
Unless your belly goes into ripples you are not laughing. People laugh from the head; they should laugh from the belly. After sadness is released, you will see a laughter arising, almost maddening; a mad laughter. You are as if possessed and you laugh loudly. And after laughter has gone, you will feel light, weightless, flying.
Osho:Yoga: The Alpha and the Omega, Vol 10, Chapter #10
In another discourse, Osho mentions him together with the Laughing Buddha:
Hotei lived a totally different life from an ordinary religious man. His whole life was nothing but a continuous laughter. It is said about Hotei that even sometimes in sleep he would start laughing. He had a big belly, and the belly would shake. Sardar Gurdayal Singh would have enjoyed meeting him, and Hotei would have enjoyed Sardar Gurdayal Singh. People would ask him, "Why are you laughing? and even in sleep!" Laughter was so natural to him that any and everything would help him to laugh. Then the w hole life, awake or asleep, is a comedy.
Compiled by Swami Chaitanya Keerti
PS: There are many more Osho discourses in Hindi and English in which Osho showers  his love on Sardar Gurdayal Singh. He was often seen guarding Lao-Tsu house, Osho's residence in Pune. Most of the time he would be surrounded by some girls sitting with him. Once somebody complained to Osho and Osho replied: It is alright. I trust Sardarji and his awareness. In the time of attack on me,
other people may run away, but Sardarji will not run away. He will protect me with his life.