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Pan’s Call to go beyond the “Small Personality”

{Through the spontaneous, wholehearted support of our enlightened friends Shanti Kristian (Sweden) and Chaitanya Bharti (Pune, India), and after reading Tanmayo’s and Dhyan Dev’s articles about Chaitanya Bharti’s meditation camps, and after looking at Gyan Dev’s paintings and reading his letters, and through the e-mail of the musician Manish, and then through listening to the latest CD from Veeresh and the Humaniversity Sound. (Veeresh had sent this as a symbol of spiritual friendship to Pan.) Pan found inspiration for this statement.}

The New Man - the Enlightened Rebellion

The New Man’s Art – the Enlightened Art

Down the ages the unsayable, the mysterious except through silence was and is expressed perhaps the best through art. Through music, poetry, sculpture, painting, dance, theatre and in our days through film. The role of the artist, if taken conscious as his meditation, is obvious : the artist can be an ambassador for the new spirit.

The days of master and disciple were beautiful. Now the days of “Maitreya” the friend, the spiritual friendship have come.

The artists through their talents can carry this new flower out to all places in the world.

In order to express the vast genius of the Buddha spirit Osho, again alive, the cooperation of His enlightened Sannyasins is needed. Together there is the possibility to host this multidimensional spirit in the most beautiful way. Everybody who accepts this friendship will fall in tune and discover her/his own originality in an easy way. Enlightenment is transferred from friend to friend, is a synchronicity amongst friends.

Pan was working for 25 years as a professional artist. The artist soul in him calls out to all creative people who are turned on by this vision to connect, to tune in. The well of inspiration always comes from the unknown, the not-knowable. Real art, objective art always comes through walking new ways never been walked before. A real artist has to seek the unusual, the new, the not yet known. If accepted, if risked, if taken as a challenge, one can only wake up to the mysterious, to Buddhahood.

Osho’s vision of the New Man can only become alive through the readiness to try something that was never tried before. A few people ready to go into a new experiment are releasing so much aliveness, so much creative energy that any soul that is still alive will feel it, will be turned on by it. The moment a few people dedicate their life, their creativity to a vision which is far beyond the small personality, miracles become possible. When you read these lines, please feel into your heart whether it moves you. If so, do yourself the favour to go for it. Pan was and is moved by Osho’s genius vision. Through his own experience Pan promises you that you will never regret. It’s a benediction, it is a blessing, it is the only reason to be alive.

Thank you for listening, Love, Pan

Pan’s email: buddhahill.satsang-community@gmx.de

Pan’s website: http://www.buddhahill-satsang.de/english/index_english.html