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Launch of Keerti's Book "Osho Fragrance" in Delhi

This news report from the magazine, The Pioneer, New Delhi.

Spirituality and humour proved to be a perfect combo at the launch just recently of Swami Chaitanya Keerti's book "Osho Fragrance". The Swami has penned in the book a record of his 20 years of learning with Osho. Briefing the audience about "Osho Fragrance", Keerti said, "When a disciple meditates in the presence of his or her teacher, it is called satsang. This book talks about my satsangs with Osho."

The purpose of the book? "To spread Osho's message, the way fragrance spreads itself. “ he said. And in that direction, a tape of Osho was played before the guests who were asked to close their eyes, while listening to it.

Among the audience was the Indian Union Minister of Human Resource and Development,Arjun Singh, who also unveiled the book. In his address to the guests, Singh regretted the lack of awareness of Osho's philosophy in India and advised the guests to follow the "great man's message". He also stated that he is considering becoming a sannyasin. The star of the evening, however, was Surendra Sharma. The poet skillfully interwove his characteristic jokes with public interest oration. His take on women using Karva Chauth to get their husbands to fulfil their demands, and the plight of Shiva and Vishnu harassed by their wives to the extent that Shiva had no clothes to wear and Vishnu no water to drink, had the audience in side-splitting laughter.

At the end of the evening, one could reflect that the book launch was in line with Osho's philosophy - learn and laugh at the same time!

Details of Keerti's book, purchase, etc., are available through the

Oshoworld website