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This is the story of how I met Osho, in Bombay, way back in 1971 before the world had heard of him. It was an amazing, magical time.

An excerpt from my booklet was printed in this month's issue of 'Viha Connection'. So many people have e-mailed me expressing their joy at reading my story – both in Viha and as a booklet – that I have decided to print out a few more copies to make it available to others who might like to read it. Here is a quote to whet your appetite!

"I took sannyas in Matheran in 1972 but I really was very resistant to the idea and Osho had to work hard to persuade me. Sitting in front of him on the verandah of a dak bungalow I voiced a lot of objections but…

Totally undeterred, he starts to talk about the musical instrument called a Veena. He says it is a rare instrument, difficult to play and chosen by the goddess Saraswati because, when it is played by a master, its sound is so sublime it will instill a state of euphoria, of bliss, of love, of meditation into all who listen.

Your name will be Prema Veena, he says. You will be my instrument.Through you many people will be helped to meditate.*

As I gaze at him I feel myself being suffused with a sense of absolute love; a kind of love I have hitherto never encountered. I realize I am in the presence of a being and an energy far beyond my small perceptions and understanding, and I am overwhelmed with an enormity of vision which I can only glimpse, guess at. My head bows in abject humbleness. For the first time I touch his feet as the Indians do. It is the only way I can give some expression to what I feel. I am honored to be in this presence; I am grateful to be allowed to be here.

And I know with total clarity that I have a place and a purpose in this universe, and that it is he that will be able to point me in the right direction – until my understanding of the mystery of myself and of Existence is complete.

The mala round my neck glows with beauteous light and grace as I stumble back to my little hotel room."

*Veena later started the Nirvana Meditation Centre in London through which many people heard about Osho and meditation.

And here are some things that people have said about the story:

I was so touched, I cried. – Basho

It is beautiful. We want more! – Sandhya and Premgit

Fascinating. You are a fantastic writer! – Stretton Byers

I read your article out loud to Vachana, my mother, who is now virtuallyblind with macular degeneration...and we both enjoyed it so much. We both agreed that this was very much close to our hearts - that simple wonderful and unexplainable falling in love with the Master. – Surabhi

Amazing. You must write a whole book! – Jarn McKenzie

I loved your book. I read it while sick with a chest infection and found myself weeping several times, just with the love, and touching of the heart, of those precious days with Osho.- Prem Pankaja

If you would like a copy please e-mail me at: veena@dircon.co.uk. The costs (including postage) are: UK – £3; Europe – 5 Euros; anywhere else $10(US)