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Dhyano is planning to leave Osho Leela in Summer 2008 and has this message for everybody...

"I have decided to step down at Leela. I made the announcement at a Directors Meeting last week. I have thought long and hard about it and it seems to me that it is in everyone's best interest that I make a clear statement about it. Fact is, in Summer 2008 Suzie (my daughter) is likely to not have a school to go to. She, with Zak, goes to a Steiner School about 15 minutes away. It is a fabulous school and both the kids are getting a great start there. However, it only goes up to 11 years and Suzie's class may have to finish in Summer 2008. As this is a strong possibility, and Fiona and I are both really clear that we want both the kids to go on to a secondary Steiner School, we realise that we are probably going to have to move to where there is such a school. The nearest one is in Totnes. We have visited it and it looks great. Suzie can have a place there. Totnes is about 1.5 hours drive from Leela. Totnes is not definite, but as it is the nearest to here it is obvious that wherever we go, we will have to relocate.

So, being as all this looks highly probable, and also taking account of our wanting to leave Leela in a very healthy and thriving state, we are choosing to make the announcement now so that there is adequate time and space for the handover to happen smoothly and also with energy and forethought. We are very lucky in that I have a friend who is a very well respected business consultant who has a real soft spot for Leela and is willing to steer the change and the changeover over the next 18 months. I feel very lucky that we have someone of Andrew's stature to guide us through what will anyway be a challenging period. Our goal is to leave Leela in such a way that it is thriving, and that there is some money made available for those who are the most vulnerable people in need of some financial resources.

So that is it. Already my mind is freaking out with what this change will mean, but I know it is the right thing to do. I hope that I will still be welcome to contribute to Leela, possibly as a consultant or non resident Chairman.

I have had a ball at Leela and I could not have wished for a more beautiful group of people to spend these years with. You have all been great. And on the up side we still have one and a half years, and even then I'm sure we will be regular visitors. Thank you so much for allowing me the joy of your friendship.

I love you all,