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First Meetings with Osho: text from Ma Yoga Laxmi

Laxmi Meets Osho for the first time at a Jain Congress.... Laxmi writes in the third person. (Both Osho and Laxmi were originally from Jain families)

Laxmi (imagined she would meet) a bare feet, customarily attired Jain monk with a begging bowl, with a mask on the mouth covered in order to not suck in any tiny living beings, and a broom to clean the place before sitting down. Much to her surprise Achayra Rajneesh (later called Osho) wore a white khadi lungi (an ankle length cloth tied below the torso) and a silk chaddar shawl around his shoulders. He was unlike a Jain monk. He walked in gracefully casting a spell... There was a familiarity Laxmi could not explain. An inner voice seemed to acknowledge that Laxmi had known him forever.... He was no stranger.   However Laxmi was short of words to express the experience. Osho's command over Hindi and lucidity was enthralling and enchanting as if a song from the spheres was flowing....

Two months later it so happened Mataji (Laxmi's mother) went to visit a relative. Later in the day she accompanied the relative to hear a Jain monk speak on religion. The monk turned out to be Osho. Mataji was overwhelmed by his presence, sound and expression. “You have a discerning eye. He is indeed a remarkable and pure man. His lecture reaches the heart immediately,” she said to Laxmi on returning home. Excited Laxmi requested her to find out the contact address of Osho. Contact was made. However Osho had departed by train to his home in Jabalpur that afternoon. Disappointed she could not meet Osho, Laxmi was glad that she could now share Osho with her mother.  For several days Osho was the subject of conversation between the two....

 A few days later Laxmi's uncle brought home a proposal to host Osho’s visit to Matheran, Maharashtra . He informed the family that the trustees of Osho's then organisation, Jeevan Jagruti Kendra (Centre of Life Awakening) were in search of good accommodation for Osho at Matheran. Soon the family house was offered to put Osho up during his visit to Matheran.

Special arrangements were made for Osho’s stay at the house. The cook was given special instructions for Osho’s meals which comprised of fruits, cracked wheat, lentils, dal, beans or bean soup dish, boiled vegetables, and salad without chilly and spices. During the meditation camp the meditators attended discourses in the morning and sat in silence during the evening for five days in Osho’s presence. In the afternoon the meditators sat in silence with their eyes closed around Osho. During this afternoon hour they were encouraged to express their feelings. While some cried, others laughed. After this hour was over they sat closer around while Osho touched the third eye center on the forehead of the meditators in turn.

At the end of the camp Osho told Mataji that he had had good food and a comfortable stay. He added that this was indeed the first time that everything was taken care of so well. Grateful, Mataji invited Osho to stay with the family during his visit to Mumbai (Bombay). . Mataji knew Osho was fond of open spaces, she therefore added that there were no fields in Mumbai! However Osho confirmed that he would visit the family en route to the station in the evening.

Laxmi had not gone to Matheran and stayed in Mumbai as caretaker of a child who had high fever.
Laxmi was excited to learn Osho was to be their guest and in the evening would stay for dinner. It was a beautiful day. Laxmi was full of laughter and joy. She spent the day preparing for his arrival. She cooked for him as the cook was still in Matheran.

Osho arrived with the trustees of his then organisation. Laxmi brought a glass of fresh juice for Osho and was introduced to him by Mataji. Osho asked her to sit besides him. He held her hand as he drank the juice. Laxmi took the glass from Osho when he had finished the juice. Seated next to Osho Laxmi’s body vibrated as if hit by an electric current. Laxmi sat still. Meanwhile someone took the glass away from Laxmi. Osho thanked her for the juice. “It was sweet and given with a lot of love,” he said. Blessing her head he added, “ I shall stay here when I am in Mumbai, and you should take care of me”.
The above is a selection from Chapter 4 of Ma Laxmi’s biography Journey of the Heart: