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What's with www.oshobooksreviews.tk ?

Keerti says: 'I had posted two book-reviews (on April 29th, 04) on the http://www.oshobookreviews.tk/

However the reviews were removed with following message:

Reading the reviews of two books written by a writer of repute was indeed a pleasure; but the Editorial Board regrets to inform that we publish here the reviews only of books by Osho and not of the books on or about Osho.

Keerti's answer: I am not a writer of repute, I am simply an Osho disciple, Swami Chaitanya Keerti, who has spent more than 25 years editing Osho books and magazines. And I continue to do the same. I had posted on your website reviews of two books, one book by Osho and another on Osho. Einstein the Buddha is a book of Osho discourses.

All discourses in both the volumes are complete and not a single word or sentence has been edited out, while some of the books on this (Osho reviews site) are compilations, and much has been edited out. These books have been published by American publishers after a lot of editing, while the book that I compiled contains full discourses, and has been published by Indian publishers.

I wonder why heavily edited books published by American publishers are welcome on this site while a 24 carrot gold book of unedited full discourses on the topic of Science and Spirituality is not welcome by this Editor, who declares that he is based in India. Notice that he does not write his name or mention my name, but avoids this by describing me as a writer of repute! What is there to hide? At least a sannyasin can be authentic! It was a pleasure (for him) to read the reviews but the same pleasure he denies other Osho lovers!

Swami Chaitanya Keerti