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Kabir Week at Oshoworld, Delhi

Malashri Prasad Sang Bhajans of this famous Indian Mystic for the opening of the Kabir Week at Osho World this week.

A renowned vocalist, Malashri Prasad rendered Kabir's devotional songs to inaugurate Kabir Week at Osho World Galleria, New Delhi.

The current week is dedicated to the secular mystic Kabir, and will pay homage to his devotion and wisdom with the Indian release of a set of audiotapes of Osho discourses on Kabir entitled The Divine Melody, and an Osho book about Kabir called "The Revolution".

Osho explains Kabir in The Divine Melody with these words, "Kabir's words are unique. It is difficult to find a mystic like Kabir in the history of the whole world, because he is raw, uneducated; whatever he says, it has no way of coming from the scriptures. He is quite unacquainted with the scriptures, he has no treasure of great value in words. The words he uses are of the marketplace, of the day-to-day use. But in those words he has poured everything, which even for the seers of the Upanishads has been difficult to pour in all their purest of word forms.

Adds Osho, "Kabir is one of the greatest mystics of the world. Meditate on Kabir – pay attention to him, to what he says. And he is a very simple man, not learned in any way -- all that he says is out of his experience. He is not a scholar, he does not know anything about the Veda and the Koran and the Bible.
All that he says is out of his own existential experience. He is not a theoretician or a philosopher; he is a poet. And not only a poet, he is a mystic poet – and the difference is that the poet sometimes has glimpses of God, and then he falls back again -- rare moments of flight."

Swami Chaitanya Keerti
Osho World Foundation