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New Indian Prime Minister known for friendship to Osho's work

(It could,commendably, only happen in India that someone elected to politics highest office declines it, as Sonjay Gandhi did this week, after " listening to her inner voice". English commentators have been cynical about this phrase to their discredit. This Editor found it a welcome breath of fresh air, and still shows how Indian consciousness can lead the way. Parmartha Ed. Sannyasnews)

After Sonjay Gandhi's declining of the offer to be Prime Minister of India this week, Dr Manmohan Singh, recognised as one of the most non-political faces of Indian politics, has accepted the burden of office.

Dr. Manmohan Singh is a friend of Osho's work . In 1997, he launched Osho's book "India My Love" and said:

"This book 'India My Love' by Osho brings together some great selections of Osho's writing: the discourses of a great Indian, a great mystic, a great philosopher..."

In November, 2000 Manmohan introduced the Guru Nanak week organised by Osho World Galeria in Delhi by saying that in a scenario where the world is changing at a hectic pace, and which often makes it difficult to maintain one's equilibrium, it is necessary for man to turn to fundamental truths exemplified in religion. However, he said, religion did not mean dogmas or worshipping of one or the other deity. Echoing Osho, he said it was important to combine both science with spirituality so that the human race can lead a life of dignity and self-respect and inner contentedness.

Dr. Singh described Osho as "the most modern patron saint of India" as he had expressed his thoughts on all the problems perplexing mankind today,including environmental degradation, gender equality, and human rights.

During that week Manmohan oversaw the releasing of a compact disc of Osho's analysis of Japuji, which encompasses the basic thought that pervades the Guru Granth Saheb. He said analysis of this kind would inspire future generations of people in all parts of the world. Whenever human beings ask the questions on how to improve the human condition, I am sure Osho's thought will be uppermost in their minds, he added.

Later Dr. Singh wrote in the Osho World visitor's book that Osho's ìlife and work will continue to inspire future generations of humankind, and his powerful message of the essential unity of mankind will equip us to evolve a new global ethics for the improvement of the human condition.