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the sound of one man rappin'

this is a message from the notorious cee-in-cee
listen up and i`ll tell you exactly what i see
`cos i`m comin from all eight chakras simultaneously....

if you don`t know the difference between bad and good
then come on down with me to the buddha`hood...
i`m biggin it up down here on the streetless street
dont hang in no ashram, dont beat no spiritual meat
i wont give you no eyeball-sitdown-artist rap
i am that, thou art that, the cat sat on the mat
listen swamiboy you gonna have to do better than that
or you gonna get a full body zen slap
you been drinkin too much con consciousness cognac
you been smokin too much new age sewage crack....

find yourself a sense of humour
or you gonna get yourself a tumour
listenin to way too many rumours
about what happened to who what when where in Poona
listen up to my mind and get enlightened sooner...….

big bhag-daddy gangsta with the bling-bling`s gone
he sung his song then moved right along
now you scrapin` at his empty bong
lookin for scraps for you to fly upon....

you white rogue brothers and bigass commune mothers
lovelifelaughing gas lovers and cia spooks undercover
wheeler dealer sheela
playin 55 million dollar leela
oceanic chronic alcoholic
downin bombay gin and tonic
needs irrigation-colonic....
cultwithinacult black magic senders
enlightened masters poppin pills on benders
awakening is a franchise putting out to tender
your religionless religion is a drop-dead-ender
time to recognise your own agenda....

your brain is goin`funky
you becomin` a satsang junkie
your mind jumpin upandown like a friggin monkey
you sittin in a line with no-face no-mind flunkies
you tryin to stay in your tree
but you skinny-dippin in a lunar sea
mind rubbish pilin up on the grounds of diminished responsibility
wakin up and goin back to sleep is your main ability
wakey wakey, time to just say no to thera-priests
keep your own money feed your own beast
preacher teachers fleece sheep as they bleach
and enlightenment stays well out of reach
dont sell your soul to a leech
have some self-respect at least
get to a resort with a beach
read yourself some friedrich neitzsche...
meditate celebrate imaginate
dont be a thinkin-celibate
raise your vibrations to a higher rate
love your fate dont be an ingrate...
get a life unto yourself...

get down on the streetless street
out in the world where they turnin up the heat
we the underground ubermensch elite
almost invisible keepin it discreet
we deep in the maya and out in the buddha`hood
samsara is nirvana...mm.. good......