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Editorial Bytes from Parmartha (Nov, 03)

Meeting of the Tribes

Old familiar face from Poona One, Harideva, plans what he hopes will be a giant sannyas celebration in Goa from 21st January to15th February. He is now joined by well known Indian sannyasins, Ma Dharm Jyoti (author of “A Hundred Tales for ten thousand Buddhas) and Ma Yoga Neelam (formerly one of Osho’s Secretaries). The two women will lead a week long meditation camp between February 1st and February 7th, as part of the Gathering of the Tribes, also called the 23rd Osho World Celebration. (All details of the Celebration are at Harideva’s site.)

Harideva emailed me earlier in the year saying he had tried (after his three year ban by the Pune Resort authorities) to raise interest in a 23rd Osho World Celebration, at the Resort for 2004. Unfortunately, Amrito and Jayesh the current Directors told him, “We are not interested in your kind of celebration. You still don’t get Osho’s new work Harideva…” Well, who can say what Osho’s ‘new” work is, or claim to define it, but I cannot imagine that it is any different to the tenour of all his work when he was alive, which perennially encouraged all forms of celebration.
So Harideva figured to go ahead himself at a different venue. In his email to me he says he hopes the Celebration will be inclusive, not exclusive, open rather than secretive, and financially transparent. Good luck to him.

Cyber Pirates Hack the Gateless Gate.

Last month the chief administrator of the Pune Resort Swami Dyanesh Bharti reported that the Osho commune ID had been hacked by Cyber pirates, and the crime had been reported to the Pune City Police in the hope that the miscreants would be caught and punished. As a result of the hack, e-mails were sent to those on the commune database with obscene material. Dyanesh Bharti said that the commune would be issuing a press release in due course of time, but there has been nothing so far that we know of.

However, maybe he has been busy altering the Commune notepaper as it is reliably reported that the name “commune” has been removed from the Gateless Gate to the Resort in Koregaon Park. More evidence, if there were any needed, that Osho’s legacy is being denuded of everything that the present Directors feel will give offence to middle order consciousness. Seems like a desperate attempt to increase revenues from the mediocre consumers of so-called personal growth.

Pan’s People

A sannyasin teacher, now called Pan, (click for his website ), recently stirred the waters by asking one question, but reminding me of a second. He had circulated some fifty current sannyasin teachers, some of whom claim enlightenment, asking that they should join together in a spirit of work-play, so a multi-spiritual revolution could occur on the planet.
Pan said this arguing that the “time is ripe for a globalisation of consciousness”.
Those approached were
Michael Barnett, Adima, Layena, Ashu, Maitreya Ishwara, Virato, Ananta, OWK, Rainer Schatt (Nataraj), Umi, Ian Wolstenholme, Ranimu, Yogi Chinmaya, Mahamudra, Alan Lowen, Miten, Bhagat, Samarpan, Dolano, Arjuna Ardagh, Shakti, Veet Charya, Shanti Kristian, Anand Arun, Cyrus, Satyananda, Ma Anand Madhu, Pyar, Veeresh, Nirvata., Bodhidarma (Rudra), Burkhardt Kiegeland, Deva Premal, Kiran, Madhukar Thompson, Ma Samarpan, Mega, Mikaire, Neeru, Osho Priya, Osho Shailendra, Osho Siddharth, Paul Lowe, Ramateertha, Rumi Da, Sahaba, Samdarshi, Satyam Nadeen, Siddharta, Susan, Tyohar, Vasant Swaha, Wadud & Waduda.
He seemed to be wanting some kind of joint endeavour to unify energies to maximise Osho’s forcefield at a critical watershed in man’s history. Only two replied positively.
Well, knowing some on the list personally their forte, pre-enlightenment anyway, was never in working with others! Furthermore Osho himself said he would have never gone near the gates of his own commune whilst a seeker, and considered he had no inheritors or predecessors.

But maybe a more important question arises: where are the ten thousand unique Buddhas Osho hoped for from his work? Well, no-one can say they don’t exist, and do not choose to quietly live in the back streets of the world. As for the ones who have gone “public”, many seem in their different ways to be making waves, including Pan.

The Rebel

Ironic that Pan, but even more so the so-called Rajneesh Rebels laud the compilation of Osho texts called “The Rebel”. The compilation was published by Osho International in 1998, some say in direct contravention of Osho’s last wishes. During his life Osho always insisted that each of his talks were “complete in themselves", and should be published with that integrity in mind. No compilations were ever published during his lifetime. So at a guess, however apposite and skilled the selection of texts may be, I would wager that Osho himself would be aghast were he alive. I say this ironically because the Rajneesh Rebels endlessly attack those presently responsible for the administration of the commune. They would hardly have been able to laud this book had it not been produced by Osho International who they consider their enemies!