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Tim Guests and any Guests are Welcome Here

(Granta recently published a book called "My life in Orange" by Tim Guest (formerly Yogesh), which told of his life as a child in Medina (the English Osho commune at the time) in the eighties. It was variously received, it had both postive and negative passages about sannyas life and Osho. Ed.)

It was nice to meet Tim Guest, (a writer/journalist from England) who came to see me at the Osho World galleria in Delhi today. He told me that he had been to the Osho Meditation Resort in Pune, but he was not permitted to enter the Resort as he had written a book that is considered (by the management there) as negative about Osho. He had intended to write an article about what was currently going on in Pune.

I welcomed him, not because he had written something negative (or positive). But I welcomed him as Osho had instructed me himself about dealing with the media. I told Tim: When I joined the Press Office in 1987, Osho had sent me some instructions in brief. He said: "Whenever something (apparently) negative appears in the media, do not freak out. Don't get angry. Just respond to the media, and send the answer, point by point, each point should be answered. They write negative because they don't understand me, they don't live with me here. You are living with me and you understand me, so you answer them. And appreciate them when they publish something positive" (He said something similar to what I have written here, though I don't remember the exact words.)

I followed this beautiful guideline as much as I could and it did magic. With this approach towards the media, we succeeded in making the Indian media quite positive. It was a 180-degree turn for the Indian media. We succeeded in getting quotes and excerpts from Osho discourses published in the main stream media. And it continues to this day.

I don't understand why the Resort management today is so paranoid about what they consider to be negative media. We have received love and understanding from the most intelligent master ever born on earth, and when we carry the same spirit, we can certainly transform the media people very easily, because after all they are also human beings like us. I am talking about this with authority, as this is my experience.

Let all the Tim Guests come. We don't lose anything---it is only them who are going to be in trouble when they receive love and understanding from us. And Tim Guest was the son of those who were in the past Osho sannyasins. He will surely understand. I am not afraid of him or any so-called negative media people.

Swami Chaitanya Keerti 4 October, 2004