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The Latest news from Chinese Sannyasins about their New Space for Organic Farming

We recived these photos and text from China

Our new place and local farmers’ house: Our place is the forest, the field belongs to local farmer. They are very poor. We plan to give our organic technic to them. Now we need again do all from the beginning.

The forest for living: It is near the water source. And now it is full of grass, We plan to live in the forest. we plan to make camp at the beginning.

The field near the water source: We plan to do organic farming there.

Water source: The water source is under the mountain and in the field.

After looking for months, It’s lucky that now we find a new space to do organic farming and meditation in China. Since we have used up money when searching the new commune and the new place have no houses there, we will in the first 6 months need friends to support us financially to build living houses and the Buddhahall. We will also ask support in other ways. Our email address is greencommune_07@yahoo.com Or visit: greencommune.org