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A Handful of Diamonds

" Tell Swami Chaitanya Bharti to continue conducting meditation camps. He is capable of taking people deeper into meditation. He will take my message to the people. "

This was Osho's final message for Swami Chaitanya Bharti before He left his body on January 19th, 1990.

So who is Swami Chaitanya Bharti?

In this 'reality' he has a history - he was born to an impoverished family in that part of Punjab which is now in Pakistan. A young government photographer, he met Osho in 1969 and was fortunate to be amongst the first six disciples to be initiated into ‘Neo-sannyas’. He was given the new name - Swami Chaitanya Bharti and for the next 21 years, he did everything his Master asked of him. He worked as Osho's personal photographer for many years, edited numerous Hindi discourses, designed many of his Hindi book jackets and also worked as the co-ordinator of the Pune Commune Audio Duplication Dept.
In 1974, when Osho stopped conducting meditation camps personally, he appointed Chaitanya Bharti to conduct them on His behalf. In this role he led over a 100 meditation camps in India and abroad.
He is also the founder of Oorja Music, a spiritual music company dedicated to creating Cd’s and cassettes based on Osho's vision of music, dance and meditation. In addition, he is the author of 2 books titled ‘Osho and the Inner Circle’, in Hindi and ‘Out of His Ashes’, in English.

However, throughout his life as a sannyasin, whenever he got the chance, he immersed himself into intense meditations along with long periods of silence and seclusion.

Now, 30 years on, in his early sixties, Swami Chaitanya Bharti still continues the conduct meditation camps entrusted to him by his beloved Master, with undiminished energy, enthusiasm and commitment. As he says "This is my way of repaying the Master for all the blessings he has showered, all the wisdom he has shared, all the love he has poured on me... a debt which is basically impossible to repay."

And yet, is this who Swami Chaitanya Bharti (lovingly known as Swamijii) really is?

He himself will be the first to point out, none of this is any more relevant than a dream at noon. Although this rough-hewn mind and age-worn body are the points of contact with which he meets the world we consider ‘real’, in his presence, there is a sense of something vast, silent and mysterious; He seems to come from a place beyond.

And in his company, the miracle of that which cannot be given in words, is seemingly passed on, magically, like a flame from lamp to lamp. From Living Master to disciple…and for those lucky enough to know and love him, being in his presence is an invitation to let that inner lamp be lit.

Between December 11th 2002 and January 19th 2003, Swami Chaitanya Bharti conducted his longest (40 days) meditation camp to date, in Goa, with 50 particpants from around the globe.

Within this mystical feast of Osho, music, meditation, laughter and silence, He also shared his vast wisdom in question and answer sessions with seekers.

Below are some extracts from these talks and questions, a handful of diamonds from the rich treasure trove he opened: A treasure trove as limitless as the sky, and deep as the ocean.


“Swamijii, I say it again, with you Osho has come back to my life.”

That is true, I accept it, through me.

Because he has promised to many.

He was a man with the balls.

He is keeping His promise.

Osho is keeping His promise. He has kept His promise.

You don’t feel, you don’t see, but all the time He is seeing you, He is protecting you.

A Master means a great responsibility. It is not a joke! It is not just, some kind of ritual.

“…I say it again, with you Osho has come back to my life.”      

Yes that is true.

           “…in fact He has never left.”

That is very true. He never left. He disappeared from the body, as He appeared in the body, He disappeared from the body but He is.

Osho means what? – Osho means ‘is-ness’.

Osho is not a body.

Sometime to help you also ‘is-ness’ appears in the body.

You see watching Osho come in ‘Namaskaring’ - what you see?

Just ‘is-ness’.

He is not the body.

And through every gesture, through His presence He is telling you that you are also.

“Osho has come back to my life, infact He has never left, just my eyes could not see.”

That is true. But He has patience, He knew that you have the potentiality to see one day.

He loves you like anything.

If there is a love, there is a patience. A Master is nothing but just patience.

And He knows His job. He knows His job.

So today you are here, today I am here, and basically though He is not apparent, but He is here.

Can you see that? Can you feel that?


When God is, you are found nowhere. Just now God is not, because you are so much.

God does not like the other, the two. So that is the only condition - to know God, not understand God.

You can understand a camera, a person, a book, a disease, or something like that.

How you can understand yourself?

You can be yourself, and when you be yourself, then for the first time you are.


Main problem is what? What is the problem?

In whatsoever situation one is, one does not accept.

Mind does not like what is. Mind does not like what is, what should be.

And what should be?

At least it is in the next moment. OK, forget two years, three years, few months, few days, forget!!

At least it is not now.

Mind can see only that which is not. And mind should allow one to see what is.

When you see what is, where is mind?

Mind has disappeared.

Mind cannot see.

When the mind is, you are not.

When you are, where is the mind?

It has to go.


Come to yourself. You have to do it one day or another, then why not now? And when you say why not now, it is

always now.

Now exists. Just now.

It is ever and ever and ever.

It is now and now and now.

So be now.

Get established.

Get rooted.

Don’t move.

Just be.


Pain or pleasure both are suffering - you don’t understand.

Pleasure means pain. Pain means pleasure.

That’s all, both are suffering.


It is because of the mess one grows! And all the time we are trying there should be no mess. And all the time

we are creating more mess in return.

If you are in a mess, be in a mess, be happy.

What I mean, be happy?

Accept your sadness, accept your tears, accept your pain.

Why you are running, why you are escaping from your pain?

And even if you try to escape, did you ever became successful? Even once you tell me? Then, then why you

escape, why you escape?

Things are simple – we complicate.


This western thinking is totally different from the eastern thinking. The western mind thinks that everything can

be purchased. We can have anything, even Moksha, enlightenment. And the real Guru, the real Master, will not

promise you anything. If somebody … if some Master, some teacher, promises you something, he has

delivered to you nothing.

Though, it cannot happen without a Master, that is also true.


“…the world where it is so clear that things just are and things just happen”

Remember this always. This can become a mantra. This can put things in their proper place. If you have

understood this much, don’t loose it now.

Things just are happening.

Nobody’s a doer – you will discover that there is no doer.

But we don’t look like this.

We don’t see things as they are. We impose ourselves, we project ourselves all the time according to our conditioning, accumulation, mind, past, experience, whatsoever.

Then we stop seeing things as they are.

But if you have just even a glimpse of this, catch hold of it, keep it like a diamond in your hand, in your pocket. See again and again, see again and again and you will be becoming more passive and passive and – because things are happening


Why you are suffering unnecessarily? There is no need to suffer.

I suffered myself for 21 years at least, minimum, and when I came out of it, it seems there was no need to

suffer. Basically there was no need to suffer – still it took 21 years.

So be patient.

There is no need to suffer basically, just remember it.

You are suffering because you are not available – become available, that’s all. Be passive, allow things to happen, and there will be insights, and insights and insights.

There is no need of a Guru. You have your Guru within, you have your Osho within yourself, but we are looking outside, running outside. That is why you are missing.


You are God my dear.

God is nowhere because you are that!

And if He is not here, He cannot be anywhere.

Actually, He is hiding in the heart!

Once God went to some old guy to ask that I am very - I am not at rest – I am very much bothered.

I have created this beautiful universe, then I created the earth, then I created the mountain, then I created this,

then I created that. Then animals, then birds, everything I created, everything was going just OK.

But the day I created this man, I cannot sleep. So what to do?

All the time he is complaining, all the time he is blaming – I am totally restless, please tell me what to do.

The old man suggested, you just hide in his heart.

So He did that. The God did that – He is in your heart.

But don’t keep your hand there -

Leave it open!


So I give you the clue, be passive, that’s all. Be passive when I say you have not to do anything. You have to

just remember that be passive, that’s all. What you have to do? Nothing.

Be passive.

And everything you will be mirroring and mirroring and mirroring. And on the whole you will be laughing.

When you become enlightened, you laugh.

Why you laugh?

Because things are so simple you cannot imagine – very simple!

We have made them arduous, difficult, impossible

The truth is just simple, it is here and now, it is not somewhere.


One thing more I would like to indicate; people become emotional, here they start loving me, because the

presence nourishes them.

They start seeing me as a Master, as a Guru.

It is not bad, on the contrary it is good.

But it is more important that you see yourself as a disciple. Not me as a Master.

I cannot stop you, but this is more important; whether you are a disciple or not.

If you are a disciple you can learn from anywhere, from anyone.

As I see things, I am not in favor of Masters, though they are Masters, so that’s it.

A Master is a Master is a Master.

But where is the disciple?

To be a disciple is a very arduous phenomenon, is a long journey again.

Try to be aware to be a disciple

Sometime I really weep, really cry because disciples have disappeared already.

Because of your greed, you feel consolation or you feel some sort of security, some sort of well-being, some sort of worth when you go to somebody and you start calling Him Master.

But you don’t behave like a disciple.

One should learn how to be a disciple.

Many people write me, call me, Pyare Sat Guru (beloved master). Then they come and teach me everything!!


Don’t think that you are doing, and you have to do.

It will happen, it has happened, it will be happening.

All the needful will be happening by itself, and you will not be doer, taking any kind of delivery that, “I have done this, I have to do this” or things like that.

And if you stay in this state, if you are rooted, if you just stabilize, you are a Buddha, that’s all.

Do you think Buddha is sitting silently all the time, 24 hours, and the whole year he is not walking, he is not talking, he is not eating?

But while he is walking he is not a walker, while he is eating, he is not an eater.

Actually he never does anything – no action he does.

He does not claim, that is why he does not blame!


Here, my whole program is just opposite… what remains is the real thing.

I like to call it Osho.

To me, this is Osho.

There is no Osho, but Osho.

Osho is nothing but is-ness,



No thing ness…

For information on CHAITANYA BHARTI meditation camps please contact: dhyanleela@yahoo.co.in