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Bodhidharma replies to Maitreya on the Sheela story

Beloved Maitreya

You are right about Sheela's actions in Rajneeshpuram — if you see it on a mind level. We all were living there to live our ideals. As I see it, Osho had a totally different approach. He wanted to destroy all our ideals including spirituality. We were too naive to see that whilst participating in the commune. That's why we needed a Master. I have absolutely no doubt, that the teaching we have received from Osho through Sheela was right.

Now we know through experience what we don't want. If we go to a Master, we have to be aware that the Master is always unscrupulous. Any other thought or wish is wrong. It doesn't matter who the Master is.

The Master is the source itself or the Tao. There is no personality whatsoever. Of course, there are many wounds in sannyasins concerning Sheela. But we have forgotten that we came with our ego to an enlightened Master. The ego is always what we hope, wish or expect. So, if we had the slightest expectation what should be, or what shouldn't be, we are not free. Every single action can disappoint us. Changing our dress to a beautiful disciple with beautiful red clothes is not changing our consciousness. To change consciousness is very hard work,we don't want that and we can't accept it. Even the Bible says "unless you leave your mother, your father, your children, your wife, your husband you cannot enter the kingdom of God".

We wanted enlightenment with our old luggage, and in my view that's not possible. Over the whole world many sannyasins are now living in their own countries and of course, theoretically they have learned a lot about spirituality. However as I see it, most of them misuse Osho's words and use Osho's techniques to bring them money.

Osho was absolutely right to provoke our unconscious feelings and actions over and over until everybody is able to see his or her behaviour, right or wrong in their own mirror. For that he needed actors (very surrendered) and they had to play a role. Sheela wasn't that guy she was playing. Do you think if Dustin Hoffmann plays the role as a gangster in a movie that we go to Dustin and abuse him for his actions? Sheela did her actions like that, and this I know. But I have not spoken about that because the time was not ripe. Maybe the time is ripe now.

I repeat it: most sannyasins came to Rajneeshpuram to fulfil their wishes, hopes and expectations how a commune has to be. Just with a changed mind. From the beginning Bhagwan didn't wanted such a community. He would destroy those ideals that we can become free, even of him. We can live according to our honest heart. For that, we needed an environment called a mystery school to see ourselves more clearly. As you say it, rightly, the only compass we have is our own heart. But if we don't listen to it, if we pretend a heart, who is to blame for that? We were not enlightened otherwise there would have been no need for us to play the role of a disciple.

Now it is very very difficult to discuss this issue with sannyasins. My experience is most of them are discussing this with wounded energies. Even if I write this letter I have to sort out over and over what kind of words I can use and what kind of sentences I can build without the possibility that the reader closes himself up. Very difficult. Because the ego is always right. Nothing goes wrong for the ego in the view of the ego. This is the dilemma. We all complain what happened in Rajneeshpuram. But Is there anybody from all these complainers who had the guts and the trust to express his feelings whilst the situation actually pertained? For example for the homeless people show? NO.
We were all cowards, because we were in Rajneeshpuram for Bhagwan and we all wanted to become enlightened. Osho gave us the greatest lesson. What have we done with it?

Even all your reactions now that we were so wounded show directly that we have had twenty years ago the right feeling, but we were too cowardly to express it, in words or in actions. Now we want to bash Sheela for that, for our cowardliness?


All actions, activities and happenings in Rajneeshpuram were a continuous play. It was created as a virtual reality to bring up our unconscious feelings, thoughts and actions. If we had known that Osho created Rajneeshpuram with Sheela to show us our unconscious thoughts and behaviour our ego would have hidden. If a EGO knows that IT is the target of all that, nobody would given up his whole life for it. But for us Rajneeshpuram was totally real, no doubt at anytime. That was the precondition for the success of Osho's playground Rajneeshpuram and for that Rajneeshpuram was 100 % successful.

A master is a mystery. Mystery means mystery. As I see it: existence likes to play with itself and existence enjoys so-called drama very much. The whole world is a leela. We are all participants in that leela. Source enjoys it.

We all participated voluntarily in the Ranch drama. Everybody who is open can learn lessons. Learning is the key. Out of experience, everybody can decide for him - or herself what he/she learns and what he/she doesn't learn.

I bow to every single person, they can help us to make us aware where we go in our cowardly behaviour, instead of our feeling heart. The message is, be true to yourself and if we do that, nothing can go wrong. Even in a drama play of a fascist camp, and I repeat drama-play, you can see from what kind of wood you are made. Maybe this triggers some feelings in you.

You can look at that: just a little letter can trigger in many people behaviour and feelings, actions, history and so on if we go with it.

I appreciate your book "Unity" I've read it. I like the wonderful purple of the cover,

Much sun and love, Bodhidharma