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Letter to Richard Ingram from Alok John

(On 20th June, p.30, of the London Observer the well known satirical journalist, Richard Ingram's in his article entitled 'Rum Baba' made defamatory reference to Osho, calling him "Bagwash" and accusing him of financial irregularities. Here is the letter that Alok John has sent him in reply.)

Dear Mr Ingrams,

I refer to your defamatory remarks concerning Osho, formerly Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, in today's Observer. Osho's only convictions were for violating US immigration law. The Attorney General of Oregon said there was no evidence he committed any other crime

The new (May 2004) Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh, is a friend of Osho's work. In 1997, he launched Osho's book "India My Love" and said: "This book 'India My Love" by Osho brings together some great selections of Osho's writing: the discourses of a great Indian, a great mystic, a great philosopher..."

Dr. Singh described Osho as "the most modern patron saint of India" as he had expressed his thoughts on all the problems perplexing mankind today, including environmental degradation, gender equality, and human rights. Later Dr. Singh wrote in the Osho World visitor's book that Osho's life and work will continue to inspire future generations of humankind, and his powerful message of the essential unity of mankind will equip us to evolve a new global ethics for the improvement of the human condition.

For an alternative view (to your own) read

Delicate Frequencies : The life of a Sannyasin by A. Satish T. W. Edelberg
A Passage to America by Max Brecher
Bhagwan: One Man Against the Whole Ugly Past of Humanity by Juliet Forman
Bhagwan: The Buddha for the Future by Juliet Forman
Bhagwan: Twelve Days That Shook the World by Juliet Forman

Or perhaps it is too much for you to read a book all the way through. Perhaps the reality is you are semi-educated, semi-literate and semi-intelligent like most journalists.

Alok John (MA Oxon)