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God is Awareness
A recent question to Maitreya and his incisive answer

: We can probably agree that it is evolutionary to stop identifying oneself with thoughts, emotions and actions, and that it is preferable to just witness or notice them. Should we then identify with the source underlying everything, or should we just witness without trying to put our attention anywhere ?
Said another way, should we try to focus on that which underlies? Will what underlies naturally enter our awareness without conscious direction of awareness?

Answer. It is extremely fruitful for experienced meditators to expand the frontiers of awareness by exploring the source of awareness.

Awareness is usually and naturally directed outwards towards the world or, if you are trained in meditation, is engaged in watching thoughts, emotions, energy and actions. I recommend that seekers watch their inner and outer experiences diligently until gaps of silence start to appear between thoughts.

When awareness has grown through the discipline of observing thoughts, emotions and actions with equanimity, and silent gaps between thoughts have started to occur, then it is time for the second phase of meditation: the exploration of the source of awareness.

When awareness has developed the capacity to turn around, and examines itself, rapid spiritual growth is likely to occur. This is why the enquiry into "what is awareness?" is so potent for mature seekers. As are the Tibetan dzogchen, and other similar methods, that turn consciousness back on itself in silent awareness.

The source of your individual awareness is transcendental cosmic awareness. By using the above methods, you will continue to expand the limits of your individual awareness until, ultimately, it merges with the cosmic awareness that is both the source of your mind and of the entire existence.

After this reunion of individual awareness with transcendental cosmic awareness has fully occurred, no effort or technique is required. One rests spontaneously in choiceless awareness that is simultaneously aware of its source and of all inner and outer experience.

God is awareness,