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I Have The Function
Of A Postman

In the fourth and concluding part of the interview with Swami Anand Arun, coordinator of Osho Tapoban, Arun talks about the expansion of Sannyas in Nepal.

Dharmen: “There are more than 50 centres in Nepal, and 15,000 sannyasins. I’m sure that much of this is through your love of Osho. But are there any other factors at play here?”

Arun replies:
No, the main factor is that they love Osho – 15,000 people – those who have taken sannyas because they love Osho. They are also disciples – they are not my disciples, and they are directly related to the Master. I have the function of a postman – I just delivered the letters to them. Now they read directly – it is between master and disciple. I am not their master, I am not a mediator, I am just a postman. And I have done my job, now they are connected with their own master. And they read books because all the meditation techniques are in the books. So I don’t think we need a mediator between the Master (and the disciple), we need some friend, yes, some fellow traveller, who can introduce (people) to Osho. So that job I have done, because I loved him, and I also have received a lot of love from him.

One-time when Osho told me to go and spread his message in Nepal, my desire was to live with him in Poona, and not to come back (to Nepal). Then Osho told me: “Don’t be a miser. I have loved you so much, don’t keep it to yourself. Now it is your duty to go and spread this love. I love my people there in Nepal.”

He told me several times that one day the whole of Nepal will plunge into the orange colour, that the whole of Nepal will turn orange. Just as the whole of Tibet has converted into Buddhism, the same way, the whole of Nepal will turn into the Osho philosophy one day. So several times he has told me and my friends, that Nepalese people are very simple, and there is a great potentiality in Nepal. And he has told me that you cannot see the future, but I can see the future, and in the future my movement will be the strongest movement in Nepal, like Buddhism is in Tibet.

Group picture at Osho Tapoban, Nepal

So because of these reasons, his work is spreading like fire in Nepal. Every year about 500 people join sannyas, and every year about 5 to 10 new centres open up. Every year I conduct more than 20 meditation camps. Every Saturday (you have seen last Saturday) hundreds of people come, with or without a camp, just for his lecture and his satsang. So it is spreading like a fire in Nepal, because people love Osho, and Nepalese people are simple, and maybe Osho also has a special blessing for Nepal – these are the reasons. I am just the messenger in between.

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