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Sw Anand Arun's Russia Trip, Revival of Sannyas Movement in Russia

Sw Anand Arun visited Russia from 1-30 September with friends of Tapoban, the Nepalese sannyas commune. In five different Cities of The Russian Federation, meditation camps and satsangs were conducted. A total of 275 friends were initiated into sannyas.

In Moscow there were one 6 days meditation camp, 2 one day camps and 2 evening satsangs, where a total of 101 friends took Sannyas.

Likewise, in the 2nd big city of Russia, St. Petersburg; 1 evening satsang and a two days meditation camp were conducted where 30 friends were initiated into sannyas.

In Novosibirsk there was a 2 days camp which ended with 34 friends entering into Osho's sannyas.

In Eketerinburg and Tyumen events were organized and many new friends joined and 45 friends entered this movement of meditation in each cities. Other 20 people also took the mala and sannyas.

After this visit, Sannyas has gained new momentum in Russia, with great opportunities of opening new centres in many cities.

It should be said that earlier, the Pune Resort had sent emails to Russia and threatened local sannyasins and centres saying "if any person or centre organizes the camps of Sw. Arun in the region, the person will be banned from the Osho Resort, and the centre deleted from the list of recognized Osho centres". Nonetheless people gathered and experienced the energy of the camps. These people showed courage and individual integrity. They were not cowed by these authoritarian messages and the Osho energy that the camps engendered was apt reply to such totalitarian control.

On, 2nd Sept and 23 Sept. the Ambassador of Nepal to Russia, Hon. Hiranya Lal Shrestha organized a welcome programme for Swami Arun in the Nepali Embassy in Moscow. He expressed great happiness to see Sw Arun in such a distant place to spread Osho's vision. Many local Nepali friends including Hon. Mr. Upendra Mahato and Mr. Jiva Lamichhane had gathered to share the joy of the moment.

Meditation camps, satsangs and meeting had touched the heart of many new friends. Around 800 person has taken part in Arun's September programmes and around 275 took sannyas.