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Letter to Sannyasnews from Anne Geraghty, about reaction to her Son’s book,

Dear Sannyas News

Some people are attacking me and Tim (author of My Life in Orange) without knowing anything about us.

I loved Osho for nearly ten years so completely I gave him everything, including my precious son. I then killed the Buddha as totally as I had adored him. I then re-met him again as a friend – one of the best friends I have ever had. Osho became more real once I knew he was a fallible human being as well as an energy channel for the most profound mysteries. And in my eyes his humanity makes him even greater.

When Osho died, he came to me and gave me a message. Were I to tell it to you, you would not believe it so I won’t.

I have repeatedly told the media and the press that the very understandings I reached during that profoundly transformative journey, were exactly what enabled me to re-engage Tim and redeem the many wounds he had received on a path that had never been his choice. You all should know as well as anyone that the media do not want and do not report the truth.

In my experience many sannyasins now also do not want to know the truth and continue to venerate Osho on the surface while attacking those who they do not realise are his living body in the world. By that I mean those who have gone through the duality and know intimately – “Thou Art That” - whether they are outwardly sannyasins or not. I also have been viciously attacked by sannyasins in the past, out of envy and unconscious malice and hatred. Of course. When the one you love you cannot also hate, then your hatred will roam the universe to find another target. As close as possible to the original one, but safer to hate. Think about it. You cannot love without hatred until you have moved through both.

Like all things on this planet of duality with its north and south pole, its in and its out, its self and other, wherever there is such a bright white intense light as there was with Osho and his commune, there will also be a profound unutterable darkness. Always both. Tim writes about this in his book. And I am writing about it here.

Each one of has a unique relationship with Osho. It is wise therefore not to judge what you do not know. Though once I too thought I was one of the ‘Chosen Few’ and superior. I am deeply grateful I went the whole journey and did not remain stuck on one bit of the wheel. Though it was very painful.

I hope Tim’s book makes you think.
I hope this letter touches your being.
You may also like to read my book “How Loving Relationships Work: Understanding Love’s Living Force” (£7.99 Vega). Especially the last chapter.

With love

Anne Geraghty