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Nadabrahma at Jackson’s Lane
Sannyasnews reviewer Alok John gives his Impressions

Nadabrahma is one of Osho’s quieter meditations. It has three stages. First you sit down and hum for thirty minutes. Then there are delicate hand movements for fifteen minutes. Finally you lie down in silence for fifteen minutes.

Archan and Prabuddho are very experienced meditation leaders. We were welcomed and sat in a circle and briefly introduced ourselves. We had a dance and then Archan and Prabuddho explained the meditation, giving careful attention to newcomers.

I always find the humming a bit tiresome and this was no exception. I gave it up after a few minutes, but this seems to make no difference to the depths you can reach with this meditation. In the second stage you do very slow circles with the hands, first palm upwards and then with the palm downwards. Again I find this movement a bit tiring, but others have told me they love it.

In common with most of Osho’s meditations, you may feel you are doing nothing in Nadabrahma, but it can go very deep. Once while doing at at Jackson’s Lane, I remembered my past life as a soldier in the British army in the American War of Independence. I was a lowly private but I was assigned to a major British general. My job was to look after his horses, a job I loved. In the meditation I suddenly knew the name of the general. I thought : How exciting, I must remember it so I can look it up in the history books. Unfortunately by the end of the meditation I had forgotten the name! Of course I do not really know if there are such things as past

Jackson's Lane is a convenient venue close to the tube. Cushions and mats are provided. There is a bar at the venue. Several of the meditators went for a quiet drink afterwards.

There were about six participants, a rather low number. Often Prabuddho and Archan get about fifteen participants.

The current series at Jackson’s Lane has come to a close, but there is an Osho video coming up shortly at Archan’s home in Muswell Hill. A fresh series of meditations will begin in the Spring.

Outside of meditation Archan’s speciality is trance dance, while Prabuddho’s is comedy and theatre. However it is clear that meditation is centreal to their lives. For more information, phone
Archan 0208 444 2230 or Prabuddho, 020 8 374 0034